ANSI - American National Standards Institute



ARNET - Acquisition Reform Network



Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System



Department of Agriculture



Foreign Agricultural Service



National Agricultural Statistics Service



WTO Tariff Schedules (Agricultural goods)



Andean Trade Preference Act - ATPA



Department of Commerce



Foreign Trade Statistics - U.S. Census Bureau



Export-Import Bank EX-IM BANK



IA - Import Administration



ITA - International Trade Administration



MAC - Market Access and Compliance



TDA - U.S. Trade and Development Agency



International Trade Library



USPTO - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office



Department of State



Department of the Treasury



EPA - Environmental Protection Agency



FDA - U.S. Food and Drug Administration



Federal Register - National Archives



Fedworld Information Network



OPIC - Overseas Private Investment Corporation



Harmonized tariff schedule database



United States Court of International Trade



United States Copyright Office



U.S. Customs Service



Export Focus



North America Free Trade Agreement



United States Electronic Commerce Policy



U.S. House of Representatives



USITC - U.S. International Trade Commission



USTR - U.S. Trade Representative



Generalized System of Preferences



US International Trade Commission Trade Assistance



USPTO - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office



U.S. President



U.S. Senate



US Embassy in COLOMBIA



Embassy of Colombia in Washington